About Us

We are a service delivery company incorporated in January 2010. Our aim is to provide goods & services to Corporate bodies and individuals. As a company with great passion for customer satisfaction, we strive to understand the market and proffer solutions to immediate needs of our clients in order to bring about positive changes and results.

We provide marketing communication services that span corporate packaging and repositioning, products’ introduction and re-launch into the market.

Likewise, we render services which include the creation of below-the-line advertising such as calendars and annual reports, creation and designs of corporate logos, packaging of AGMs etc.

Presently, at Norajoe we render valuable services to various companies spanning from Banking, Information Technology, Engineering, Consumer Electronics, Financial institutions and Educational Institutions, Government parastatals to name a few.

Our daily activities/services revolve around categories like; Corporate Branding, Advertising, Business Management/Development, Development Unit, Creative, Supplies, Communications & Prints.


To be ranked amongst the top service delivery firms by providing outstanding quality, service, promptness, and value, so that we make every client smile.


To give adequate solutions to clients’ creative needs!

Core Values

At Norajoe we are committed to delivering the following:

  •     Necessities
  •     Originality
  •     Reliability
  •     Accuracy
  •     Justification
  •     Orderliness
  •     Excellence

We bear the sole responsibility of giving you the best goods and services available and also make it our duty to care about the things that matter most to you.

We deliver in style!

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